Smart specialisation by principle focuses on identifying activities that represent a comparative advantage for the region, i.e. which activities exhibit the most likely potential for growth and general long-term benefit for the economy and competitiveness of the region.

Domains of possible specialisation should also contain activities that have economic and research potential in the region while also having supra-regional significance and growth potential, as a relatively high rate of return for possible investments and development of competitiveness can be expected in areas that also impact the competitiveness growth of the region. The existence of facilities and human resources in the region is also necessary for each identified area, potential for further diversification, and the ability to create a multiplier effect and strengthen the regional competitive advantage.

As an initial stage of identifying Prague regional specialization domains, the following four draft domains were chosen based on data regarding performance in science, research, technology, application and the structure of economic activities. The analysis was carried out by the Technology Centre AS CR.

Draft Specialization Domains

Activity Cluster 1 – Selected life sciences fields

Key activities that can be identified in Prague are:

  • industrial and environmental biotechnology
  • biomedical technology
  • disease diagnostics and virology
  • biologically active materials, biopolymers, biocompatible materials
  • pharmaceutical industry
  • chemical processes and substances used in medicine

The application of these is evident particularly in healthcare treatment and diagnostic processes and in high-tech industrial products.

Activity Cluster 2 – Selected fields of creative industry

Key activities that can be identified in Prague are:

  • digital media
  • mobile applications and software
  • internet services
  • visualisation and design

Activity Cluster 3 – Selected “emerging technologies”

Several important application directions that could have high growth potential in the future and bring in other activities with a high added value can be identified. These include:

  • aerial and space technologies
  • robotics
  • energy and low-carbon technologies
  • industrial and medical use of modern lasers

Activity Cluster 4 – Knowledge intensive business services (KIBS)

Key KIBS that can be identified in Prague are:

  • research consulting and services
  • information services (marketing analyses, regulations overview, searching for technological trends and fields)
  • highly specialised IT services (data mining, visualisation, services using satellite systems)
  • specialised business consulting (support for strategic management, seeking out and testing opportunities, evaluating ideas, trendwatching, etc.)
  • technological services
  • highly specialised education, professional training, mentoring, coaching for implementation, headhunting